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The Intriguing Overlap Between Architectural and Video Game Design The Future of Video Game Technology

However, they might not be able to attain the same level of physicality. Time and its effects: appreciation

The use of material that age in the design of buildings can communicate permanence and history. These types of materials are able for creating continuity as well as a connection to the past by weathering and changing over time. It's beneficial to include design elements from diverse periods of time to communicate a feeling of historical time. In particular, the usage of arches, columns and other features of classical architecture are able to evoke an image of the ancient Greece or Rome, while the use for Art Deco features can convey impressions of the 1920s or 1930s.

As players move through in the sport, their surroundings may change in order to indicate the passing of the time. An event could begin at dawn and continue throughout the day. You may notice changes regarding the weather or lighting. Certain games permit characters to age, and their abilities as well as their appearance can change with the course of time. There might be elements in games for video players that could be destroyed or rebuilt later. In one game, you may see the cooling tower used as a background. A battle scene might lead to the need of constructing the cooling tower.


Video games as well as architecture will tell tales through their design. Architecture's style can communicate a feeling of culture or history, in video games, their surroundings to create compelling stories that draw in the player. The environment can be used to create stories for certain games. It could be details within the environment that hint at some kind of backstory or history, as well as changes to the setting that are reflected in the progression of the story. Sound and music can assist to set the scene and the mood and help to enhance the narrative. Dramatic music might be appropriate for intense action scenes, however, more gentle music might be appropriate.