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10 Tips for Accepting Divorce and Moving On

Over the last 60 years, the number of people who have increased by a third.

Research conducted by the Journal of Gerontology indicates that 25% of divorces are from people who are 50 or over. The most shocking statistic is that one divorce happens every 16 seconds in the U. S There are over 172 every 2 hours. Wilkinson and Finkbeiner's Divorce and Family law firm conducted 115 research studies that examined U.S couples and found that the average length of most first marriages was just eight years. The studies show that 60 percent of divorces involve people aged 25-30. Same-sex marriages are also included in these numbers. Couples who divorce are at an average of just 1% per year, which is 3.1 people for every 1000. The rate for straight couples is lower. This is because there are significantly more straight couple weddings.

The divorce rate for families that have children less than 10 years old is 25 percent. The stats show how small children are the most affected by divorce. It is common for couples to drag their children along the painful process of seeing their families fall apart. This is only a small list of shocking facts that individuals should know. There have been several social and cultural differences among different age groups. Surprisedly, many studies show the divorce rate for people older than 50 are nearly twice more than those who are young adults aged between 25-32.

It is now a matter of convenience, instead of being an official institution. Although divorce was not a common practice in the 1960s, it has now become the norm in numerous countries worldwide. They are the major causes of divorcing in 2022.

Primary Causes of Divorce

If you're having trouble accepting divorce and moving on, there's no reason to be alone. A shift in beliefs is removing the notion of marriage as a lifelong commitment. This is the main reason modern marriages don't work. Lack of commitment accounts for 73% of divorces and is the crucial cause of why many marriages fail. The stress that comes with it