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What to Do If Your Child Has Teeth Cavities Teeth Cavities

To begin with, avoid giving your child soda or any other sugary drinks, as they can be damaging that are not consumed on a regular basis. Although it may appear small at first but over time your child's teeth will become clogged with cavities. A further risk is selecting the wrong kind of dental procedure. Choose a pediatric dentist who has expertise in treating children. Little ones are particularly susceptible to tooth decay so it's important to get help from someone. If you're dealing with an infant do not apply a teething gel over his gums since the gel can trigger serious health issues if ingested. While cavities are inevitable as we grow up however, there are methods to take hygiene of your child's teeth and avoid them getting worse. Make sure your child takes good care of their teeth. Brush them at least once a day and restrict sweet drinks and food items. Beware of starchy foods, such as pizza because they're more likely to cause plaque build-up than the rest of food. The fillings will last for a long time therefore don't be concerned when your child needs multiple fillings for cavities. If a cavity is still growing or is just filled, you can expect it to be treated quickly but if decay has damaged nerves within the tooth, the treatment can require a longer time. .