Did you know that the first color photos were achieved way back in 1840 when water colors were used to color in regular black and white photography? In fact, film festivals (film fests) became wildly popular as this new medium emerged. Nowadays, we primarily use digital photography, but film photography not only has an industry all its own, but it's also thriving.

Many folks like to weigh these two options when they're considering how and where to have particularly special moments of their lives documented. Because kids grow up so fast, it's important to capture those precious moments, as they're so fleeting. As they get older, they are less likely to join you at the film fest as their attention changes to video gaming and social activities. To help you decide whether to have your children photography done digitally, or on film, here are some of the advantages to each!

Digital Children Photography.

The biggest benefit of going digital is the amount of of photos that can be taken. A single memory card can be capable of storing more images than dozens of rolls of film. Secondly, the images can be viewed immediately--no waiting for prints to finish developing. Thirdly, digital photographers can edit the images more efficiently.

However, digital children photography usually has a higher initial cost, and it can easily lose detail in whites and blacks. If considering, digital, know that 10 Megapixels is high enough resolution for very large prints, but many professional digital cameras have higher Megapixels than that.

Film Children Photography.

Filming children with photography has a lower initial cost than digital photography. Plus, it's better at capturing details in the dynamic range, which is the whites and blacks. Film is also more forgiving of minor focusing issues, and of exposure problems. Plus, film cameras also have a higher resolution, believe it or not. On the downside, film does have to be developed before viewing, meaning you have to print all of the photographs, and not just the best ones.

Whether it be newborn photographs, infant photography baby portraits, children photography, kids photography, or whichever other kind of photography needs you may have, weighing these two options is important. If you have any questions about digital or film children photography, feel free to ask in the comments.

Remember to support your local film fest! We will be sad when those festivals are discontinued.