2010 Spirit Quest Film Festival Schedule

Sunday, May 9th:

11:00am - 1:00pm
$6.00 admission

"Tending Towards Silence" (Drama/Canada/10 mins)
Directed by Arlin McFarlane

Set in the Yukon, Canada, Tending Toward Silence weaves a story of three different moments: time in the hospital, a summer spent collecting rocks for a very special purpose and another reality both mysterious and sustaining. The film proposes that mental and imaginary realities can become more substantial than the physical reality. It bridges the world between life and death and suggests that our last journey has possibilities that we may not have considered.

"Bread Alone" (Drama/USA/24 mins)
Directed by Brandon Adams

Oppressed by Soviet forces, Anatoly scavenges Ukraine to find anything left to feed his dying daughter. Stalin’s Holodomor has left the country barren and the people hopeless. Anatoly’s journey brings him face to face with his wife’s killer and with the God responsible for his suffering.

"Katie's Prayer" (Documentary/USA/74 mins)
Directed by Jimmy Dorantes

This documentary film is about a remarkable young woman from Alpine, California who prayed and asked God to use her in a mighty way and He did. Truly a faith building story that has changed many lives. People from around the world came to know Katie Roth through her website, her journal, her e-mails and her struggle. [World Premiere]

1:30pm - 3:30pm
$6.00 admission

"The Craftsman" (Drama/USA/3 mins)
Directed by Richard Reed

A old man tinkers with a miracle in his workshop.

"The Art of the Deal" (Drama/USA/10 mins)
Directed by Emilio Mazur

"The Art of the Deal" tells the heart-warming story which many children face today. Eight-year old Ethan, only child to single-mother, Trish, escapes his loneliness through his love for military aircraft. Oblivious to her son's craving for her love and attention, Trish is more focused on climbing the corporate ladder. In a series of events, it is Ethan who demonstrates the skill of savvy negotiating. [Student Film]

"Raw Faith" (Documentary/USA/94 mins)
Directed by Peter Wiedensmith

A surprisingly open and poignant portrait of a beloved but lonely minister as she considers leaving the ministry, yearns for love, and comes face-to-face with her deepest doubts and fears. This revealing documentary follows two years in the private life of a minister. Marilyn Sewell is successful and beloved in the pulpit, but behind the scenes she is lonely and yearning for change. As she considers leaving the ministry, she realizes she will be leaving her only social network. Yet when she falls in love for the first time, she realizes she does not trust intimacy. A study in contrasts, Marilyn must rely on raw faith as she questions her future, her difficult past, her God, and most importantly... her ability to love.

4:00pm - 6:00pm
$6.00 admission

"Julie's Haircut - Mountain Tea Traders" (Music Video/Italy/4 mins)
Directed by Marco Missano

A band composed by five funny anthropomorphic animals is travelling on an old and surreal train, where everything is made of cardboard. They are escaping from the society, which is represented by a slimy odd business man who wants to carry out experiments on them hoping that the animals will became humans in order to manipulate their minds A surreal and visionary travel through a curious and unconventional train and all the mad people who live in it.

"The Bolt that Screwed Christmas" (Animation/USA/7 mins)
Directed by John Wardlaw

The late Jonathan Harris( Lost In Space, A Bugs Life) makes his final performance as 'The Bolt' and is the Narrator of this screwy parody of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'. Can Christmas be saved for the people of Screwville? Harris is joined by his former TV co-stars Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright and Marta Kristen as well as Tress MacNeille (The Simpson's, Futurama).

"20% Off" (Comedy/USA/12 mins)
Directed by Chris Redish

A compulsive bargain hunter, who's life is filled with cheap crap that all has something wrong with it, joins a dating agency. But he can't resist the bargain dates, who all have something wrong with them! Can he overcome his compulsive cheapness? If he does, will it help him find true love?

"LonelyNet" (Comedy/USA/12 mins)
Directed by Michael Bass

Danny's life is one failure after another: Terrible job. Disgusting apartment. Romantic prospects dead in the water. After being rejected from dozens of online singles sites, he decides to take matters into his own hands by creating a dating site of his own. It seems like a dream come true when hundreds of similarly single losers flock to lonely.net, but Danny realizes a crucial flaw in his plan for success: There are no women on the site. How will Danny deal when he has had slim to no interactions with the fairer sex? Find out in LonelyNet. [Student Film / World Premiere]

"Frisky Whiskey" (Comedy/USA/10 mins)
Directed by Richard Reed

Dating dummy Ronnie can't get a break at the local bar. When he's about to give up for the night, she walks in: a sexy model with a penchant for awkward losers. Shortly after their meeting, she departs the bar, but not before writing her number on his hand. The bathrooms are full, and Ronnie is forced to venture outside where he encounters a rabid wolverine that has escaped from the local zoo. Now only one furry obstacle stands between Ronnie and true love. [Parental Advisory: Comical Gore]

"Married in Canada" (Documentary/Canada/49 mins)
Directed by Arianne Robinson

They've traveled from all over the land of the free, from New York, California, North Carolina, Texas, up to the neighboring true north, all so they can experience a right non-existent in the United States. Marriage is not an option for American couples who are gay, but some feel nuptials are worth traveling for, even if their new status has no legal meaning at home. In this first-ever, intimate, and honest portrayal of seven American couples who come to Toronto to get married, their motivation is captured in their candid sincerity. Through unfettered access to the couples on their special day, their true emotions are revealed in this document of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. [World Premiere]

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